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Faith and Family

Douglass is remembered more as an activist and statesman than as a man of faith, but he was an ordained minister in the AME Zion church, and he quoted the Bible frequently in his speeches and writings.

“I was not more than thirteen years old, when I felt the need of God, as a father and protector.”

(Bondage, p. 131)

Douglass was not just devoted to his own family, but also to the family as an institution. He and his wife Anna raised their children in the Christian faith. According to their oldest daughter Rosetta, their custom was to read a chapter of the Bible together each day, while seated “around the table, each taking a verse in turn until the chapter was completed.” (Journal of Negro History, p. 98)

(Credit: | Corbis/Getty Images)

(Credit: | Corbis/Getty Images)

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